Sponsors - EnergyBits

ENERGYbits® Inc. is a seven year old sports nutrition company based in Boston, MA. Our bits® are

rapidly becoming the fuel of choice for those looking for a nutritional edge to take their performance 

and health to the next level. ENERGYbits® are 100% organically grown NON GMO spirulina algae, a 

type of “plant” that we dry into small tablets you can swallow. ENERGYbits® deliver a steady stream of 

energy, without sugar, caffeine, chemicals, gluten or stomach distress and are the only protein in the 

world that also contain natural antioxidants to fight free radicals, Omega 3 to reduce muscle 

inflammation, iron to prevent fatigue, chlorophyll to build the immune system and electrolytes to 

replenish mineral imbalances. No other protein offers all this. RECOVERYbits® are 100% organically 

grown NON GMO chlorella, an algae that speeds muscle recovery, builds the immune system and 

removes toxins. We refer to our algae tabs as bits® because they are “bits of food” and have the highest 

concentration of nutrition in the world (40 nutrients) and over 60% protein - the highest 

concentration in the world (3 x steak). Our bits® are prized for not only being a clean source of fuel but 

also for being vegan and sustainable – a real bonus for those who pride themselves on following a 

healthy, eco-friendly or paleo lifestyle and want to associate with brands who share these same values.

What do YOU get?

EnergyBits is offering a special 20% discount on their products for all Next Opportunity event participants.  Visit www.energybits.com and use promo code "nextopp" to claim this deal!