+ I've never done a trail race before. Can I do this?

Hell yeah! You can do anything if you prepare properly. It's going to be HOT, and the course is very challenging. However, no one will be doing more than 10k in a single stretch; and we will have plenty of aid. It's going to be insanely hard. You're going to want to quit before you see the finish line. But you can do this!

+ What will the weather be like?

Who knows really! On race day 2015 the temps were in the mid-50s that morning and we topped out at about 85 degrees that afternoon.

+ Will I get wet?

Maybe just from your own sweat! There are a couple of small stream crossings, but they will be mostly dried up by race day. You should be able to easily hop over them if the weather is nice.

+ What if it rains?

Then you'll definitely get wet! We have plenty of shelter in the barn for you to take cover when you are not on the course.