All volunteers at Next Opportunity events will receive a free shirt.  Usually this is one of our custom Next Opportunity Events tees, but we can make arrangements for you to receive another shirt from our store if you choose.  Just let us know if that is the case prior to or at the event.  Please understand that sizes are limited, and there may be instances in which your size is unavailable.  In that case we will make every effort to make you happy!

Race Discounts

Any individual that volunteers with us at a Next Opportunity Events race will receive a discount for a future race.  After you complete your volunteer event we will send you a promo code that can be used on any event that is currently open and accepting registrations.  Discount amounts are based on the amount of time a volunteer works a given shift.  Our shifts are in 3 hour blocks and are discounted as follows:

  • 0-3 hours:  25% discount
  • 3-6 hours:  50% discount
  • 6-9 hours:  75% discount
  • 9+ hours:  100% discount

All volunteer promo codes are transferable!  That means that you can give your promo code to someone else if you do not want to sign up for a race.  Each promo code can only be used once. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Each of our events has a "Volunteer" section on the event web page with a form that can be submitted to express your interest in volunteering.  So if you are interested in volunteering, look over all of our events.  If you would like to volunteer for ANY of our race just fill out the volunteer form on the race web page, and we will get back in touch with you as soon as possible.