GUEST POST: Is it sustainable?

As a people, we are far more than runners. We are involved individuals with a past, present, and hopefully a long and bright future. Although I see it so often, our identity shouldn’t be wrapped up in race results and the like.

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Part 1 of our 3 part blog series about experiencing the Redbird Crest Trail system and why we HAD to create a trail race out there.  Part 1 is about my unfair bias towards the area going in and my complete 180 after having experienced the trails first hand.  

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When planning to run a long distance race you can be faced with some tough decisions.  In this post, two friends discuss the pros and cons of having a pacer in an ultramarathon.

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Why put so much emphasis on music for events and in every day life?  What can it add to life that makes living so much more fun?  Brandy talks about what it means to her.

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