Running a business is not easy.  You have to make tough calls, and sometimes other people make tough calls FOR you.  If you want to start a business you better be prepared to be told "No."  A LOT.  Like all the time.  In fact, you will most likely be told "No" far more often than you are told "Yes."  We knew that much going into this venture.  So we took from an old saying which is, "Every NO is just your Next Opportunity."  Now, we embrace the NO.  We look forward to the NO.  Because we know that every NO is just opening the door to another bigger and more exciting opportunity. 

Today we had to say "No" ourselves to the inaugural Bluegrass Trail Running Series.  We know that some of you will be disheartened by this or bummed out.  So let's just say it:  It didn't work.  

We host four events now in 2017.  In addition to those four events, we have aggressively pursued 12 others.  TWELVE.  12 races that never happened.  Some of them I even designed logos, built web sites, and created social media accounts for.  What happened to those?  Well, they just didn't work.  We have a few simple criteria for creating a new event:  

  1. Will it challenge people to bring their BEST selves?
  2. Is it the right time?
  3. Will it benefit that community?
  4. Will it be profitable?

Are you shocked at number 4?  Maybe you are.  Most people don't want to admit that profit is a factor, but this is the real world.  This is a business.  If an event is not profitable it cannot grow.  It will be one and done.  As a runner do you want that?  Of course not.  You want to come back year after year.  You want to see the race grow and expand.  

The Bluegrass Trail Running Series was a good idea.  No, actually it was a damn good idea.  And some of you were as excited as we were about it.  But the hard pill we had to swallow was that the Series was just not garnering any interest and was costing our business tremendously.  So, in order to preserve the four individual races and give YOU the experience you deserve we had to make the tough decision to axe the Bluegrass Trail Running Series.  We don't believe in half assing our events, and this decision (while painful) will allow us to make the Big Turtle, the Hot Hot Hundred, The Reaper 30K, and Rough Trail 50k THE BEST RACES IN KENTUCKY.  Period.  

Life is full of tough decisions.  Sometimes you have to accept the "No."  Sometimes you have to tell other people "No."  Sometimes you have to say "No" to great ideas because the timing just wasn't right.  We are just excited because we know that the door has just opened for our Next Opportunity.

See you out there.

Mike & Brandy

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