Over the past few days, Mike and I have been working on playlists for the Hot Hot Hundred and Rough Trail Ultramarathon.  Some people might think that it’s silly to carefully craft a playlist, but we take it very seriously.  That’s not to say that every song on the list is super serious (Wiggles, I’m looking at you!). We’ve also included a fair share of “old school” favorites (my personal favorites include Kool and the Gang and The Gap Band.) This process has made me realize how important music is (and has always been) in my life.  

Music is my motivation.  Songs can impact my mood, energy level, and emotion.  It motivates me to push harder or, on longer runs, help me find my rhythm and stride. When I hear an upbeat tune it gives me that little burst of energy that helps me charge forward and reach my goal.

Music is my escape.  It distracts me from the pressures and stresses of juggling a full-time job, family, and a small business.  It gives me an outlet to express my thoughts and feelings.  During my teenage years, Alanis Morissette put words to all of my angsty feelings and emotions.

Music is my time machine.  Certain songs bring back childhood memories of helping my great grandma in the garden.  I will forever associate the song “Coat of Many Colors” with helping my grandma make biscuits in the kitchen.  My Gran was a Dolly fan and would often hum along to Mrs. Parton’s tunes while cooking or cleaning.  When I hear that song, I can smell the delicious scent of hot biscuits in the oven and pork chops frying on the stove.  

Playlist creation is serious business!  We’ve created a playlist that we hope will motivate and inspire our runners.  Feel free to comment and let us know what you’d like to hear on race day!


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