What We Learned From The Reaper 30K

2017 The Reaper 30K:  What I Learned


This isn’t just about running.  It’s about an overall experience.  We talk a lot about how our Next Opportunity races are opportunities for you to challenge yourself.  The race is a chance for you to see if you can do something you didn’t know that you could do.  For us as race directors, it is also a unique experience.  Sure, we have a lot of fun doing it; but it is also a chance to see what we can learn from it ourselves.  We approach every event as a learning opportunity.  There are always things that can be improved upon at any event, but we also come away with some new random tidbits of knowledge.

Here are 10 things WE learned from The Reaper 30K in 2017:

  1. Sunrise over Cave Run Lake is absolutely breathtaking.  I had never been there that early in the morning, so to see the orange mist start to rise over the lake was incredible.
  2. This area has some of the coolest, most enthusiastic people on earth.  We knew this previously, but on race day they were outstanding.  From the volunteers to the safety/rescue crews, the local community shone bright!
  3. Using split logs as a podium is a bad idea.  Timbo bit the dust, and the women had the right idea to not even try to stand on them!  Now we know!
  4. Misfit Commissary’s Misfit Sliders are the truth and the light.
  5. Reaper runners prefer grape PB&J to strawberry.  Who knew?
  6. Sleeping in a Uhual trailer is preferable to a tent any day.
  7. Morehead State University really instills a spirit of volunteerism in its students.  A number of students helped us out all day long despite the early morning hours and the long drive around the lake from Morehead.
  8. Having flush toilets at a race is heaven.
  9. The trail running community is awesome!  Okay, we already knew this, but you continue to surprise us at every race.  
  10. Watching runners accomplish something that they didn’t think they could is the BEST part of the race!

See you at the next one!

Brandy & Mike


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