+ How much of the race is on trail, road, gravel, etc.?

There are 3 times during the race where you will run on a paved road. After leaving the park at mile 1.8(ish) you run for 1.5 miles on Highway 80, crossing into Kentucky. You must do this on the way back to the finish line as well. After the Elkhorn City aid station there is a half mile of running through the city to rejoin the trails up to Pine Mountain. In all you will have approximately 3.75 miles of pavement running and about 39 miles of trails.

+ Will I get wet? Are there water crossings?

There are three significant water crossings. First at the bottom of Laurel Branch Trail inside the park you cross Grassy Creek and the trail actually follows Grassy Branch to the intersection with the highway. It will be extremely difficult to cross without stepping in the water, but the creek is usually only ankle deep at worst.

At the River aid station you must cross the Russel Fork River. There is no bridge here so we will cross on foot or by raft. If the river is low on race week we will have a safety rope across the river with safety personnel helping you across. If the water is high on race week you will be rafted across the river. You must cross the river here twice.

Unless the weeks leading up to race day are very dry, the odds are that we will have a raft in place for you to get across the river.

+ What if it rains?

The race goes on rain or shine. The race will only be cancelled or postponed for weather in the event of extremely dangerous and hazardous conditions on race day such as severe thunder, lightning, or dangerous high water conditions on the river.

+ Can I leave my gear at the start/finish line?

Yes, we will have a gear check tent available. However, parking is very near to the start/finish line. So you can leave your belongings in your car as well.

+ How many drop bags can I have?


+ Can I get a refund or transfer my entry to someone else?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds. We do, however, allow for runner transfers. Please reference our [Refund and Transfer Policy][2] page for instructions.

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