+ I've never done a trail race before. Can I do this?

Hell yeah! You can do anything if you prepare properly. It's going to be HOT, and the course is EXTREMELY challenging. However, no one will be doing more than 10k in a single stretch; and we will have plenty of aid. It's going to be insanely hard. You're going to want to quit before you see the finish line. But you can do this!

+ What will the weather be like?

Who knows really! On race day morning the temps could be as low as 50 and could top out in the high 80s in the afternoon.

+ Can I run the 100K solo?

No. The 100K relay is a team event. All teams must have a minimum of two runners.

+ Will I get wet?

Well, normally we would say "No". However, 2016 brought a monsoon late in the afternoon, so you should definitely come prepared for anything. The race goes on rain or shine.

+ What if it rains?

Then you'll definitely get wet! We have plenty of shelter in the barn for you to take cover when you are not on the course.

+ If I am running on more than one team, can I be captain of both?

Sure. That's just double the responsibility for you in communicating and organizing your team.

+ What if someone on my relay team gets injured or needs to drop out of the race?

  • First, on the safety side, get them to the Medical Tent at basecamp as soon as possible. If someone is injured on the course they need to get to the nearest staffed aid station or back to base camp so we can get them medical attention. If you see someone on the course that needs emergency attention, run to the nearest aid station or base camp and alert race officials of the individual's status and location.
  • If someone on your team cannot continue the race for any reason then another team member will need to run in his or her place. If this situation occurs, please report to the timing tent (we'll let you know where that is on race day) and notify the race directors of your adjustments as soon as possible. We will then update your lineup in the timing system. In these instances you may be allowed an exemption from the "no consecutive laps" rule at the race director's discretion.
  • If a relay runner is injured or must drop out of the race mid-loop that loop does not count. Your team must coordinate to make up that loop by either running to the point the other runner dropped and continuing on or running an extra loop.
  • REMEMBER: Only teams that run 10 COMPLETE laps will receive an official finishing time. Teams that do not complete 10 full laps will receive a "DNF" as their official race result.

+ Can we change our relay team line up on race day?

MAYBE. Let's be honest, race day is hectic and crazy for us RDs. If you want to make last minute changes we will do everything we can to accommodate your requests, but the reality is that we may just not have time. Those changes require minor changes in our timing configuration, so we may or may not be able to do that on the fly depending on what is going on at the time. Team Captains, please do everything you can to have your team line up finalized prior to race day.

+ What should I bring with me on race day?

  • Food. We will have some, but you should bring whatever your treats of choice are to munch on throughout the day.
  • Extra shoes/clothes. The forecast looks like it will rain all week, so you can expect mud.
  • Towels.
  • Water bottles, handhelds, a hydration pack, a hydration belt, or all of the above.
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug Spray
  • Lawn or camping chairs
  • A tent or canopy for shade during the day
  • Bring food of your own if you are a picky eater :)

+ Will there be water on the course?

Yes but there will be NO CUPS. All Next Opp races are cupless because trash sucks! We don't want to create waste in the forest, so we strongly urge you to run with a handheld bottle, hydration pack, or fuel belt.

+ Will there be showers at the race site?


+ Will there be bathrooms?

Of course. We wouldn't do that to you. There are no facilities with running water near our base camp, but we do rent a number of portable toilets for the weekend.

+ Will there be food available?

  • Yep! We'll have bagels and fruit out for you on Saturday morning. For you relay runners and you 10k runners who want to stick around we will have prepared food available at lunch time and in the evening as well. The base camp aid station will be open for business all day long with fruit, Sword, granola bars, and such. There will be Smores and other snacks for you campers on Friday night. * Please Note: food is for registered runners and race volunteers ONLY.

+ What should I do during the relay while my teammates are running?

We will have games and other activities going throughout the day. You are also free to roam the beautiful farm to see what you can find. There is a ton of wildlife out there and some gorgeous woods to explore. Take a stroll up the trail and cheer on your team mate mid loop when they are least expecting it.