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The information on this web page refers to the 2018 event.




The Hot Hot Hundred is one of the most unique and challenging races in Kentucky.  PERIOD.  Held on a private tree farm just north of Morehead, KY the Hot Hot Hundred is a 10k looped course.  Runners have the option of an individual 10k race or a 2- to 5-person team 100k relay.  

Battle the intense heat and your urge to give up as you encounter steep off-trail ascents, plummeting descents, and a wide variety of plant and animal wildlife.  You’ll find great views from the ridgeline above and the valley below.  Come and hang with us at the farm all day and enjoy a day of running and partying that you'll never forget!


The Hot Hot Hundred 10k is a truly difficult, challenging, and rewarding 6.2 mile trail race.  Any veteran of the Hot Hot Hundred will attest to the challenge of this race. Test yourself, face the challenge, and go home knowing that you completed something that many people would not event attempt!

100k relay race

Our 100k Relay race is for teams of 2 to 5 runners.  Your choice!  All teams will run 10 consecutive laps of our 6.2 mile course.  One runner is allowed on the course for each lap.  NO DOUBLING UP WILL BE PERMITTED.  Read more on that in the Race Rules section below.

100k Individual

NEW FOR 2018!  We have added an individual 100K race at the Hot Hot Hundred for the heartiest and craziest ultrarunners out there.  That's right.  You will have 62 miles to cover.  That is 10 laps of this incredibly challenging course.  And you will have only 16 hours to do it!  Why?  Because this is the hardest 6.2 miles in the state of Kentucky, and those who believe they can complete the Hot Hot Hundred 100K course in 16 hours will prove themselves to be unstoppable!


10K (solo) 

Start Time:  8:00am

Cut-Off:  NONE  

Distance:  6.2 miles*

Elevation:  1,460' Gain, 1,460' Loss  

100k (RELAY & solo)

Start Time:  8:00am

Cut-Off:  16 hours (midnight)  

Distance*:  62 miles

Elevation*:  14,600' Gain, 14,600' Loss


*Relay elevation & distance numbers here are PER team.


We use a tiered pricing structure for this race.  That means that we have set a certain number of spots available at each tier.  Once a tier sells out, then the price increases.  So, you need to register EARLY because you never know when spots will sell out and the price will go up.

Relay registrations are handled on an individual basis.  Meaning that each relay runner will register and pay for themselves.  IMPORTANT:  Whoever on your team signs up first must be the one to set up your team page within Eventbrite!  Runners still have the ability to purchase multiple "tickets" which means you can sign up your entire team if you choose.

Click the Registration button at the top of this page to register.

Start Time:  8:00am

Cut-Off:  12:00am (A strict 16 hour cut-off will be enforced.  ALL relay teams AND individual racers must complete all 10 laps by midnight.)


Packet Pickup, cHECK iN, and race day registration

Packet pickup for the Hot Hot Hundred will be available at the race site at Hutton-Loyd Tree Farms at two times:

  • Friday 8/10 6pm-8pm

  • Saturday 8/11 6am-7:45am


Race day registration is available for the 10K only for $50.  We can accept cash, check, and credit cards up until 7:45am on race morning.  No relay registrations will be accepted the morning of the race.

Awards and SWAG

All participants receive a race shirt.*
All finishers receive our special hand made finisher's award.
Top three 10k men and women, each member of the top three relay teams, and top three 100k men and women receive a special award.

We stand by our belief that these are the BEST awards out there.  We use a tree from the farm where you are running and hand make every single award for you so you can take a piece of this forest home with you!

*Registrations after 8/1 are not guaranteed a race shirt.


The Hot Hot Hundred is a 10k loop around Hutton-Loyd Tree Farm just north of Morehead, KY.  This gorgeous property is a green valley surrounded on three sides by a steep, wooded ridge.  We'll run up, down, and all around the entire farm!

100k relay racers will run 10 full laps.  Our base camp barn will be fully stocked for you to refuel and recharge after the race and between laps.  You’ll find everything on this course:  a little bit of gravel road (don’t roll those eyes!), wide off road tracks, technical single track, and even a nice little 400’ off trail ascent in the first half mile.

One loop of the Hot Hot Hundred course is 6.2 miles with 1,460 feet of elevation gain and equal descent*.  Relay racers:  You can do the math!  Get detailed course maps and downloadable GPS files below.



The Hot Hot Hundred Trail Races take place at Hutton Loyd Tree Farms in Wallingford, KY just north of Morehead, one of Kentucky's first Trail Towns.  Hutton-Loyd Tree Farm's 1,100+ acres of land is used for Christmas tree farming, logging, and other forestry operations.  The farm owners have opened their gorgeous property exclusively for this race and its runners.  Don't miss this opportunity to experience a truly beautiful and unique location.

For directions to the race use the following address and/or GPS coordinates:

1 Christmas Tree Rd., Wallingford, KY 41093

GPS Coordinates:  38.3435452,-83.5607667



IMPORTANT!  All runners must abide by the Next Opportunity Events Race Participation Policy. Review the policy below and the additional rules in the 2018 Event Guide PRIOR TO REGISTERING FOR THE RACE.  No exceptions to any of these rules will be made on race day except where noted in the Race Participation Policy or Official Event Guide

An 16-HOUR COURSE CUT-OFF WILL BE ENFORCED FOR THE 100K!!!!!  That includes relay and solo racers.  That means that every team must be done with the race by 12am Sunday morning.



+ Can we double up on laps (i.e. Runners 3 and 4 run together and count that as two laps)?

Absolutely not. By definition, a relay is run by a single runner completing a leg of the race then "handing off" to the next runner. Runners may run together to keep each other company, but that will only count as ONE LAP!

+ Can I begin my lap before my teammate before completes their lap?

No. A runner cannot begin his or her relay leg until the previous leg has completed. There must be an actual hand off of the timing chip otherwise any laps after that point will not be recorded.

+ What if my teammate gets injured mid lap and cannot complete their leg of the race? Does the whole team get DQ'd?

Not necessarily. In this instance the team MUST notify the Race Directors of the situation. Race Directors will work with the team come up with an action plan. The ultimate decision will be made by the Race Directors. Typically, in these scenarios the teams will be allowed to continue if another runner is willing to either run an additional lap to make up for the incomplete lap. In some circumstances the replacement runner can be driven to the point where the injured runner stopped to complete the injured runners lap.

+ If I complete my legs but my team does not finish the race, do I get my finisher award?

Absolutely not. The Hot Hot Hundred Relay is a team event. This cannot be stressed enough. Runners participating in the relay do not get awards for individual performance. Your TEAM must complete 10 consecutive laps in order to receive a finisher award. This is non-negotiable, and no exceptions will be made to this rule on race day under any circumstances.