"NO" is just your Next Opportunity

We love our runners and enjoy seeing the same smiling faces over and over at our events.  This is our good buddy, David, after he completed the 2017 Reaper 30K.  David and so many others have supported us since our first day "on the job".

Next Opportunity was formed as the result of a long string of failures.  We have long been avid outdoor adventurers.  Mike has been a runner for many years, and Brandy has a long history of speed skating and women's flat track roller derby.  When Mike got into trail and ultrarunning in 2014 we spent a lot of time traveling around the southeast to various ultra races in the region.  None in Kentucky, though!  We decided that it was a shame to not only see Kentucky runners heading out of state for their running adventures, but no one from around the country was getting to experience the amazing trails and forests that Kentucky has to offer.

We made several attempts to promote trail racing in the Bluegrass State.  We tried informal social media groups.  We tried to form a new running "club" that could organize races.  We even attempted to form a non-profit association for that same purpose.  None of it took off.  We were told "NO" around ever corner.  We thought that Kentucky would never get recognized as the national trail running destination that it could be.  Then Brandy said, "Why don't we just do it ourselves."

So we did!  We took a chance, bit the bullet, and threw together a couple of races in the latter half of 2015.  We turned all of those "No"s into our Next Opportunity.  Now we want to use our events to give YOU that same opportunity.  We want you to push yourself, maybe all the way to your limit, so that you can reach new goals and learn something new about yourself.  

Next Opportunity exists because runners like you took a chance on us early on and ran our early events.  Today Kentucky is becoming one of the top trail running destinations in the country, and it is because our Next Opportunity family took risks right along with us to refuse to accept "NO".  We see an obstacle, and we turn it into an opportunity.

Run with us, and be part of the Next Opportunity family.  We can't wait to meet you!

-Brandy and Mike