+ I've never done a trail race before. Can I do this?

We need to be brutally honest with each other. We don't recommend it. This is an extremely challenging race that requires excellent fitness, expert course management and planning, and experience. We DO NOT recommend this as your first ultra. We suggest you get at least one 50K under your belt before tackling Redbird Crest.

+ What will the weather be like?

Short answer: We don't know Long answer: Early December is a dry time of the year in Kentucky, but it will be cold. How cold? We have no idea. Temperatures in early December can be in the freezing neighborhood or they can be in the 50s as in recent years. Be prepared for a cold morning and cold evening/night late in the race. The mid day temps...that's a toss up!

+ Will I get wet?

There are several creek crossing and large puddles along the course. Most can easily be navigated around, but there is potential for some wet feet if you slip or fall. There will be mud if we have any rain leading up the race.

+ What if it does rain?

The race goes on rain or shine. We do have an extreme weather plan in the cases of lighting or severe thunder storms that pose a risk of severe danger. In those extreme cases we may delay, pause, or even cancel the race. That is rare and unlikely, but those possibilities always exist. If it is raining incredibly hard, though, you're gonna get wet!!!!

+ Where do I park?

Racer parking is at the Sugar Creek Trailhead and parking lot. Crew parking along the course is at the Peabody Trailhead and Sugar Creek Trailhead. See the Event Guide for directions and full details.

+ Can I have a drop bag?

There will be drop bags available at Peabody Mile 10 and Sugar Creek for mile 20 and 41. Sugar Creek is also the start/finish line. Keep in mind that you can access your vehicle at Sugar Creek at mile 20 and 41.

+ Can I have crew and/or a pacer?

Yes. See the full race web page for complete details.

+ Do I get a medal if I finish?