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November 9, 2019

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Truly ROUGH! The Rough Trail 50K trail run takes you the length of Kentucky’s beautifully brutal Red River Gorge. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see the entire Gorge in all of its rough beauty.  Rough is designed for one purpose:  to take you to your limits and give you that rare opportunity to smash through the wall.  In doing so, we believe you learn something new and important about yourself.

Rough Trail 50K gives you the option of two distances: 25K and 50K.


25K Trail RAce

Start Time:  9:00am

Cut-Off:  8 hours (5pm)

Distance: 15 miles*

Elevation:  3,845' Gain, 3,845' Loss


Start Time:  7:00am

Cut-Off:  10 hours (5pm)  

Distance:  31 miles*

Elevation:  6,500' Gain, 6,500' Loss  



Packet pickup for the 2019 Rough Trail 50K / 25K will be available at the following times:

  • Friday 11/8 4pm-6pm @ Koomer Ridge Campground Ampitheater

  • Saturday 11/9 5:30am-8:45am @ Koomer Ridge Campground Ampitheater

    • Click HERE for directions to Koomer Ridge Campground


All participants receive a race shirt.
All finishers receive a hand made finisher's award.  
Top three men and women from each race receive a special trophy.

Overall male and female champions of the Rough Trail 50K receive FREE ENTRY into next year's race to defend your crown!


$500 cash prize to the winning male or female 50K runner who can set a NEW COURSE RECORD!

Men’s 50K Course Record: 4:25:13 (Zack Beavin, 2016)

Women’s 50K Course Record: 5:24:35 (Kate Hails, 2017)

Training Runs

Training run info coming soon!


The Rough Trail 50K and 25K race courses start and finish at Koomer Ridge Campground in Kentucky's beautiful Red River Gorge.  The 50K course will take you from one end of the gorge to the other through deep, lush creek beds and over fantastic rock overlooks.  You'll see natural rock shelters and arches as well as some of the most challenging terrain anywhere.  The 25k course is no easier.  Just shorter!

The start and finish line areas will be at the Koomer Ridge Campground Ampitheater!

Click the buttons below for printable course maps, downloadable GPS files, or a turn-by-turn course description.

50K Aid Stations

#3:  Martins Fork

Mile 17

Cut Off: 12:30pm


#6:  Chimney Top

Mile 26

Cut Off: 4:00pm

#1:  Auxier Ridge

Mile 8

Cut Off: None


#4: Chimney Top

Mile 23.5

Cut Off: None

#2:  Auxier Ridge

Mile 13

Cut Off: 11:15am


#5:  Sky Bridge Rd.

Mile 26

Cut Off:  None

25K Aid Stations

#2:  Chimney Top

Mile 11

Cut Off: 4:00pm

#1:  Grays Arch

Mile 5.5

Cut Off:  None

50K Elevation Profile

Rough Trail 25K & 50K052.jpg


The Rough Trail 50K takes place at Kentucky's famous and beautifully brutal Red River Gorge.  The race starts and finishes at Koomer Ridge Campground in Pine Ridge, Kentucky.  


Parking for the race is at Koomer Ridge Campground.  This is a small campground so our ability to fit everyone in there will depend on your willing to CARPOOL.  Parking attendants will be there to assist you and make sure we park in a safe and efficient manner.  No shuttles will be used at this time.  If we decide to go to our emergency backup plan which involves shuttles, you will be notified via email and this page will be updated.

Find a reasonable parking spot in the hiker lot to the left or along the road.  You will then need to walk up to the ampitheater for the start line.

For directions to the race use the following address and/or GPS coordinates:

Koomer Ridge Road, Pine Ridge, KY

GPS Coordinates:  37.7843629,-83.634979

Lodging & Camping

Hotels and Cabin Rentals

Visit to see all of the great lodging options in the Red River Gorge community!

Koomer Ridge Campground

Camp within eyesight of the start and finish lines!  Koomer Ridge features 54 tent camp sites and 19 trailer camp sites.  This is a fantastic way to spend your weekend!  Check out this campground guide for more information on Koomer Ridge Campground.

PLEASE NOTE:  ALL camp sites are Koomer Ridge Campground are first come, first served.  Get there early.  NO CAMP SITES WILL BE RESERVED BY NEXT OPPORTUNITY FOR RUNNERS!


Race Rules

All runners are expected to be familiar with and abide by the Next Opportunity Events Race Participation Policy. Review it below.

In addition to the rules and regulations listed in the Race Participation Policy, here are a few race-specific rules you must follow.

  • All runners must carry their own hydration system. Rough is a "cupless" race. That means that we will not have any cups available to you at aid stations. You must carry your own cup, bottle, or bladder to hold fluids. This approach accomplishes two things: this reduces the amount of waste created by our race and it forces you as the participant to have fluids with you at all times to mitigate the risk of dehydration. No runner will be allowed to start the race without the capacity to carry at least 20 ounces of fluid. If you come into any aid station and don't have a fluid container you will be pulled from the race and disqualified.

  • No crews or pacers will be allowed.

  • Anything left behind after the race will be donated to charity. Any personal items left behind after the event will be kept for 30 days then donated to charity. We WILL NOT mail or ship anything back to you under any circumstances. Please keep track of your personal belongings during the event.

  • No pets are allowed at the race. This includes dogs on or off leash. Per regulations related to our USATF event sanction and Next Opportunity insurance policies pets are prohibited on the race course and at the race site for the duration of that event. This includes on the race course, all aid stations, and Koomer Ridge Campground. We love our doggies, but they'll have to miss out on Rough.

A STRICT 10-HOUR COURSE CUT-OFF WILL BE ENFORCED FOR THE ENTIRE EVENT!!!!!  That means that every runner (50k and 25k) needs to be off the course by 5pm.


+ Do I still get a finisher's award if I make all the aid station cut offs but miss the finish line cut off?

Yes. However, your official result will be a DNF. To be an official finisher you must complete the entire course within the official time limit. If you miss the cut off at the finish line, you will be a DNF; but we still think you deserve some swag for your hard work!

+ Are there restrooms on the course?

No. There are restrooms at the start and finish lines.

+ Can we camp at the campground before or after the race?

Yes you can, but remember that all campgrounds operated by the US Forest Service such as Koomer Ridge Campground are first come, first served. No camp sites at Koomer Ridge Campground can be reserved. Camping is $10 per night per site, so get there early before the sites fill up!

Rough Trail 25K & 50K008.jpg


If you would like to volunteer for the 2019 Rough Trail 50K, click the button below.  We need happy, energetic folks for a number of duties from aid station workers, parking attendants, base camp workers, course marking, and more.  You must volunteer at least two hours to receive race discounts.  We'd love to have you with us.

*Read our volunteer policy HERE.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Race Command Support

Assist with race timing, set up and tear down, communications, finish line support, and more. Run errands as needed, hand out medals, and generally ensure a positive finish line experience.

Course Sweepers

The course sweepers are critical to the safety of runners. Sweepers follow the last runner ensuring everyone stays ahead of the race cut offs and that no one gets left behind.

Course Marshals

Like being out in the woods? Course marshals are out on the course at important intersections directing runners in the right direction. You make sure no one gets lost!

Aid Station Volunteer Opportunities

Auxier Ridge Aid Station

Location: Auxier Ridge Parking Area, Tunnel Ridge Rd

Volunteers Needed: 4-5 at all times

Time Open/Closed:  645am-12pm

Gray’s Arch Aid Station

Location: Gray’s Arch Picnic Area, Tunnel Ridge Rd

Volunteers Needed: 4-5 at all times

Time Open/Closed:  845am-12pm

Martin’s Fork Aid Station

Location: Martins Fork Trailhead, Hwy 77

Volunteers Needed: 3-4 at all times

Time Open/Closed: 7am-130pm

Sky Bridge Rd. Aid Station

Location: Rough Trail Trailhead, Sky Bridge Road

Volunteers Needed: 2-3 at all times

Time Open/Closed:  9am-3pm

Chimney Top Aid Station

Location: Rough Trail Parking Lot, Chimney Top Road

Volunteers Needed: 4-6 at all times

Time Open/Closed:  830am-4pm