Lodging & Camping

Hotels and Cabin Rentals

There are plenty of hotels, motels, and luxury cabins in Red River Gorge.  Currently, we are working with the local providers to get you some sweet discounts.  So check back later to hear about those!  In the meantime check out www.redrivergorgeguide.com to see everything that The Red has to offer.

Koomer Ridge Campground

Camp within eyesight of the start and finish lines!  Koomer Ridge features 54 tent camp sites and 19 trailer camp sites.  This is a fantastic way to spend your weekend!  Check out this campground guide for more information on Koomer Ridge Campground.

PLEASE NOTE:  ALL camp sites are Koomer Ridge Campground are first come, first served.  Get there early.  NO CAMP SITES WILL BE RESERVED BY NEXT OPPORTUNITY FOR RUNNERS!