Previous Volunteers - Retrieve Your Discount Code Here

Please read the following before submitting the form:

  1. If you volunteered at any event prior to the 2017 Rough Trail 50K, please EMAIL US if you need help with your code.
  2. If you volunteered at the 2017 Rough Trail 50K or any event after that, please complete the short form below to retrieve your code.  We will personally email the discount code to you once your hours and attendance have been verified.
  3. If you are not sure which event you want to apply your discount to, PLEASE DON'T FILL OUT THIS FORM YET.  Come back when you are ready to register for a race, and we will make sure your discount gets configured for the correct event.
  4. Please remember that per the Next Opportunity Events Volunteer Policy, promo codes are not eligible to be used for the War Hammer 100 Mile Endurance Run or the Hot Hot Hundred Trail Races.
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At which event did you volunteer? If you are requesting a code for more than one event, please submit this form once per event.
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Which event would you like to have your discount applied to? If you are undecided, just wait and request your discount code when you are ready to register.