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Next Opportunity Events

Trail & Ultra Running In Kentucky & Virginia


 Next Opportunity followers get 20% all Orange Mud products! Use code "NOE2018" at checkout all year long!

Next Opportunity followers get 20% all Orange Mud products! Use code "NOE2018" at checkout all year long!


Big Turtle 50 Miler

Date(s):  April 27, 2019

Location:  Morehead, Kentucky

Distances:  50 Miles, 50K, 10 Miles

Why run it?:    A deceptively challenging out and back course along Kentucky's Sheltowee Trace with a start/finish line in the heart of the city!


War Hammer 100

Date(s):  June 8-9, 2019

Location:  Red River Gorge, Stanton, Kentucky to Wildcat Mountain in East Bernstadt, Kentucky

Distances:  100 Miles

Why run it?:    This ultimate endurance challenge tests runners who wish to be called "warriors" to battle the weather, the clock, the distance, and themselves.  102 miles along the Sheltowee Trace!


Hot Hot Hundred Trail Races

Date(s):  August 11, 2018

Location:  Wallingford, Kentucky

Distances:  10K - 100K - 100K Relay

Why run it?:    It is like a huge party, with some running thrown in!  It's the toughest 10k in Kentucky and the best time you'll have with friends old and new. The solo 100K is something very few can complete within the allotted 16 hours!


Breaks Ultra

Date(s):  September 8, 2018

Location:  Breaks Interstate Park, Breaks, VA

Distances:  45(ish) Miles

Why run it?:    The Breaks is an extreme trail running challenge with amazing mountain views, the deepest gorges east of the Mississippi River, and a river crossing you will never forget!


Rough Trail 50K/25K

Date(s):  November 10, 2018

Location:  Red River Gorge, Pine Ridge, Kentucky

Distances:  50K/25K

Why run it?:    The "must run" race of the Bluegrass State.  31 miles of beautifully brutal trails through the famous Red River Gorge.


Redbird Crest 100K & 20 Miler

Date(s):  December 1-2, 2018

Location:  Hyden, Kentucky

Distances:  100K, 20 Miler

Why run it?:    Rugged ups and downs mixed with rolling ridgelines in the Appalachian foothills on the Redbird Crest Trail.  A challenge of terrain and elements.


Be Part Of The Experience

Volunteering at a Next Opportunity race is a unique experience that is challenging but rewarding.  These races can not happen without volunteers.  Want to see what these races are all about?  Sign up to volunteer!


Prior to volunteering please review our volunteer policy for details, exclusions, and discount information.

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